Sterile Injectables

Pacific Pharmacy Solutions is now able to compound a variety of medications into an injectable formulation. Injectables are appropriate for many pre, intra, and post surgery situations where immediate administration of a medication to the bloodstream is needed.

We offers flexibility when needing a customized strength, and or a medication that is unavailable commercially as an injection. Please consult with one of our pharmacists for all your compounded injectable needs.


Ophthalmic Solutions

We offer two ophthalmic preparations; eye ointments and eye drops. They are available for multiple medications in oil and aqueous bases, accommodating the needs of every animal. Ophthalmic solutions are an easy and effective way to treat diseases of the eye and are used amongst all Veterinary practices.

Please consult with one of our pharmacists for all your compounded Ophthalmic needs.



In short, compounding is customization. Rather than try to fit your pet into the one-size-fits-all mold the pharmaceutical companies developed (i.e. pills with limited available strengths), we are able to take into account your pet’s individual needs (size, age, species, ideal dosage form, flavoring, etc) and customize a preparation to meet their very specific needs. As a compounding only pharmacy, we are not like your typical chain retail operation. We customize each prescription for each pet patient. Because of this, we do not operate like your typical chain retail pharmacy.